Rock Solid Trail Contracting, LLC was formed in 2014. The company is based out of Copper Harbor, MI where Aaron Roger, President and Owner, has been building and riding trails for over a decade.  Aaron and Rock Solid's work along side the Copper Harbor Trails Club has built the a trails network into the mountain biking destination and awarded IMBA epic ride center it is today.  Rock Solid  Trail Contracting continues to be involved in building and maintaining this ever-growing system that attracts tens of thousands of riders each year.  Read more about the Rock Solid team here. 

Since 2014, Rock Solid has built miles of trail in Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Arkansas, California, Hawaii, New Mexico, and Canada.  Throughout its short history, the company has grown extensively not only in size, but also regional impact and recognition as one of the highest quality mountain bike trail building companies in the country.  See examples of our work here.


Rock Solid Trail Contracting is dedicated to building the best trails in the industry.  We strive to build trails that are worthy of destination status.  We’ve been involved in most destination throughout the Midwest and many throughout the country. Our unique trails have garnered a reputation not only for being packed with fun features but also for standing the test of time.


Rock Solid has extensive knowledge of soils, rock formations, and vegetation helping us to create the best, most durable trails possible with local materials available.  Aaron Rogers, owner and manager has helped to shape the trail building revolution in the Midwest with his unique vision and building techniques.  As a former employee of the International Mountain Bicycling Association he helped define the industry as it stands today.


Rock Solid Trail Contracting builds the best trails for the best prices.  We come highly recommended in the industry as we always go above and beyond to make the best trails possible for our clients. 


P.O. Box 139 Copper Harbor, MI 49918

Photos courtesy of Hansi Johnson, Ronnie Wagner, and others as aknowledged.